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DIALOG has the capability to design, build, own and operate storage tank terminal and supply base. It also has the capability to design, build, own and operate centralised tankage facilities ( CTF ).


The CTF concept provides several bulk storage tankage within an enclosed area of  centralised facilities that allows sharing of utilities and services such as compressed air, industrial gases, power distribution, control room, laboratory, drumming, tank truck loading, waste treatment, fire-fighting and many others including sharing of operation and maintenance services.


Thus the concept of CTF provides economies of scale, optimisation of land usage and efficient utilisation of terminal facilities, in respect of common piperacks, tankage and utilities.


The substances and products that can be stored at our terminal include the following : -

Crude oils and petroleum products



Petroleum by-products


Both the Kertih and Langsat Terminals, which are in operation offer facilities for handling, storage and distribution of some of the above mentioned products. The proposed Pengerang Terminal will have similar  facilities.


In line with being a logistics provider in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, DIALOG has proposed to develop an offshore supply base in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The supply base will provide facilities comprising wharf for vessel berthing, bunker fuel and fresh water tank storage, workshop, warehouse and open storage yard. The primary scope of business will include provision of marine logistic services, supply of bunker fuel, fresh water, drilling fluids, materials required for offshore operations and material handling services.

Kertih Terminal

It was the first CTF project embarked upon by DIALOG. The terminal is built, owned and operated by Kertih Terminal Sdn Bhd ( KTSB ), a joint venture between PETRONAS, VOPAK and DIALOG. These joint venture partners hold an equity portion of 40% : 30% : 30% respectively in KTSB.


Consists of petrochemical tanks with storage capacity of 400,000 m3.


In operation since 2000 and have a 20-year agreement with users until 2020. The users are Petronas Ammonia, Optimal Group, Aromatics Malaysia, Vinyl Chloride Malaysia and BP Petronas Acetyls.


Has 3.2 million tons throughput annually.

Langsat Terminal

Second tank terminal project  which is built, owned and operated by Langsat Terminal One Sdn Bhd ( LgT-1 ), a joint venture between MISC, DIALOG and PUMA. PUMA ( a subsidiary of Trafigura ) has 20% equity interests in LgT-1 with the balance of 80% held by Centralised Terminals Sdn Bhd ( CTSB ). MISC and DIALOG each holds 45% and 55% equity interests in CTSB respectively.


Has a storage capacity of 400,000 m3 whereby  130,000 m3 is for naphtha and middle distillates and  270,000 m3  is for fuel oils. The storage tanks  for naphtha and middle distillates have commenced operation in September 2009 whereas the tanks for fuel oils are currently under construction.


LgT-1 is purely dedicated for Trafigura’s use, which is one of the largest  global energy  trader.


It is also planning to construct additional tanks on its existing land. To accommodate an increase in demand for storage capacity, it also plans to develop more tanks adjacent to the existing area.

Pengerang Terminal

Third tank terminal project which involves the development of an independent deepwater petroleum terminal and tankage facilities located at Pengerang, Johor. This proposed terminal is a tankage facility for handling, storing, blending and distribution of crude oils and petroleum products with marine facilities capable of handling very large crude carriers with a water depth of up to 24 metres. It will be the first deepwater terminal in South East Asia.


The terminal will be jointly developed by DIALOG, VOPAK and State Secretary of Johor, Incorporated ( SSI ). A joint venture company ( JV ) will be formed where DIALOG and VOPAK, both will hold an equity interest of 90% in the JV with the balance of 10% by SSI. These parties are now conducting a detailed feasibility study and an environmental impact assessment to determine the viability of the project.


The terminal will be built on a 500-acre of reclaimed sea-bed land which has a lease period of 30 years with the option to extend for another 30 years.


First phase will include development of tanks for crude oils and petroleum products with a storage capacity of 1.3 million m3 .


The entire development will eventually support about 5 million m3 of storage capacity and it will take about 10 years to fully develop.

Jubail Supply Base

This proposed supply base for integrated logistic services is to be developed on a leased land measuring 3.45 hectares ( Phase 1 ) at Jubail Commercial Port for a lease period of 25 years.


Serves as a one-stop, integrated offshore logistic hub and resource centre for oilfield services, equipment and supplies, supporting the active and growing offshore oil and gas development in the Arabian Gulf.


Phase 1 of the development is expected to commence immediately and will take over a period of one year. On completion, the proposed Jubail Supply Base will have facilities comprising wharf for vessel berthing, bunker fuel and fresh water tank storage, workshop, warehouse and open storage yard.

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