corporate profile corporate structure (as at 1 August 2016)
Dialog Systems Sdn Bhd
Dialog E & C Sdn Bhd
Dialog Offshore Engineering Sdn Bhd
Saga Dialog Sdn Bhd
Dialog Construction Sdn Bhd
Dialog D & P Sdn Bhd
BC Petroleum Sdn Bhd
Halliburton Bayan Petroleum Sdn Bhd
Pacific Advance Composites Sdn Bhd
Dialog Petroleum Sdn Bhd
Emas Merdu Sdn Bhd
Tempo Setara Sdn Bhd
Corak Dahlia Sdn Bhd
Oriental Valley Sdn Bhd
Senyum Bestari Sdn Bhd
Cendana Sutera Sdn Bhd
Idaman Tropikal Sdn Bhd
Dialog Mall Sdn Bhd
Dialog Equity Sdn Bhd
Kertih Terminals Sdn Bhd
KTSB Terminals Operations Sdn Bhd
Dialog Upstream Services Sdn Bhd
Dialog Subsurface Technology Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Dialog Ascent Energy Sdn Bhd)
Dialog Corporate Sdn Bhd
Dialog Services Sdn Bhd
Dialog Pengerang Sdn Bhd
Sungai Rengit Industrial Estate Sdn Bhd
Pengerang Marine Operations Sdn Bhd
Pengerang Terminals Sdn Bhd
Pengerang Independent Terminals Sdn Bhd
Dialog Resources Sdn Bhd
Dialog Equity (Two) Sdn Bhd
Pengerang Terminals (Five) Sdn Bhd
Pengerang Terminals (Six) Sdn Bhd
Dialog LNG Sdn Bhd
Pengerang LNG Sdn Bhd
Pengerang LNG (Two) Sdn Bhd
Pengerang Terminals (Two) Sdn Bhd
Pengerang Deepwater Terminals Sdn Bhd
Dialog Plant Services Sdn Bhd
Dialog Catalyst Services Sdn Bhd*
Dialog E & I Sdn Bhd
Dialog Fabricators Sdn Bhd
Dialog OTEC Sdn Bhd
Infodasia Sdn Bhd
  ePetrol Holding Sdn Bhd
  ePetrol Services Sdn Bhd ^
ePetrol Systems Sdn Bhd ^
Dialog Energy Sdn Bhd
Centralised Terminals Sdn Bhd
Langsat Terminal (One) Sdn Bhd
Langsat Terminal (Two) Sdn Bhd
Langsat Terminal (Three) Sdn Bhd
Dialog Properties Sdn Bhd
Dialog Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd
Dialog International (L) Ltd
Dialog Systems (Thailand) Ltd
Dialog Technology & Services Limited
Dialog Engineering Pte Ltd
Dialog Plant Services Pte Ltd
OTEC Holdings Pte Ltd
Dialog OTEC Pte Ltd
Overseas Technical Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd
Dialog Services Pty Ltd
Dialog Services Pte Ltd
EC-Dialog Pte Ltd
Dialog Services Europe Limited *
Dialog Services, Inc *
Dialog (Labuan) Ltd
Dialog Services Saudi Arabia Company Limited
Dialog Jubail Supply Base Company Ltd
Dialog IPS Marine (Labuan)
Dialog Systems Pte Ltd
PT. Dialog Sistemindo
Fitzroy Engineering Group Limited
Fitzroy Engineering Australia Pty Ltd
Fineline Services Limited
Fitzroy Tower Services Limited #

* The remaining 49% is held by EC-Dialog Pte Ltd.
^ The remaining 49% is held by ePetrol Holding Sdn Bhd
# The remaining 10% is held by Dialog Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd

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