Corporate Social Responsibility

DIALOG firmly believes in not only giving back, but also to actively invest in the growth of the communities where we operate. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (“CSR”) is important to us because the majority of our workforce is local, and positively impacting these communities will ultimately contribute to the sustainability of the Group’s business.

DIALOG supports the MyKasih Foundation, a non-profit social purpose organisation with a mission to assist and educate economically-challenged Malaysian households through food aid, student bursaries, training programmes as well as academic and vocational scholarships.


Cashless Payment System

DIALOG has continued to improve on the technology and the quality of its services to ensure that the cashless payment system works in an efficient and secure manner. In October 2018, MyKasih Foundation received the United Nations (Malaysia) Award in the category ‘Leaving No One Behind’. This was primarily attributed to DIALOG’s pioneering cashless distribution system which MyKasih uses to mobilise donations towards disadvantaged communities.

Through its subsidiary ePetrol, DIALOG vested its proprietary technology to MyKasih Foundation to disburse welfare to low-income households nationwide. The proprietary technology is a cashless payment system that uses the chip technology of the Malaysian identity card (“MyKad”), and the proprietary MyKasih smartcard, to disburse aid to targeted beneficiaries in a secure, efficient and transparent manner. The card is then used, much like a debit card, to pay for purchases of essential food items at partner retailers. For added security, all transactions are Chip and PIN-verified.

By having the cashless payment system vested with MyKasih Foundation, DIALOG has allowed other corporates, non-corporate funding bodies, and individuals to help the poor through MyKasih without any licensing fees. A MyKad-based system provides the assurance to donors that 100% of their charity funds are delivered in a targeted and cashless manner, directly to the rightful recipients and used for its intended purposes. This transparent method of welfare distribution eliminates leakages and allows donors to track how their donations are being used.

Employee Volunteer Programme

DIALOG is a strong advocate of Employee Volunteerism as we believe it reinforces our core values and increases employee engagement, whilst benefiting the communities we serve. Through the Group’s Employee Volunteer Programme, employees are able to actively participate in MyKasih Foundation’s programmes and activities throughout the year.

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