Health, Safety and Environment

DIALOG is committed to protecting the health and safety of the people we work with and driving the company towards a culture of environmental excellence. Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) is materially important to DIALOG as it impacts our productivity and reputation, and consequently, the long term viability of our business. This is linked to and reflected in the Group’s Non-Financial KPIs which emphasise on HSE metrics.


HSE Policy and guidelines

DIALOG’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy drives our commitment to our stakeholders with respect to HSE. The Group’s HSE policies and procedures outline the roles and responsibilities of the various departments and business units across the Group.

Our aim is to set and maintain standards of health, safety and environmental management, to ensure the well-being of our staff and others who may be affected by our activities. This minimises the losses to our business from ill health, injury and adverse environmental effects. DIALOG has expressed its commitment towards Health, Safety and Environment in its HSE Policy.

HSE management and compliance are embedded in work processes applicable to all phases of DIALOG’s businesses. We strive to continuously improve out HSE performance, and apply an integrated management approach in accordance with the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology. This ensures that the HSE policies and procedures are regularly updated and enhanced as a result of our on-going monitoring and review of operations and activities.

In order to effectively implement the HSE policy and pursue a ZERO HARM working environment, all business units under the management and operational control of DIALOG must comply with the requirements set out in the HSE Management System (“HSEMS”), and monitor performance and compliance through periodic inspection and HSE audits.




HSE Management System

Leadership & Commitment Policies Planning Implementation & Operations Checking & Corrective Action Management Review
  • Personal Behaviour
  • Accountability
  • Management Commitment
  • Health, Safety & Environment Policies
  • Drug, Alcohol, Substance Abuse & Smoking Policies
  • Hazard Identification
  • Legal & Others Requirement
  • Objective Setting & Monitoring
  • Roles & Responsibility
  • Competency & Training
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Operational Control
  • Emergency Response
  • Performance Measurement
  • Compliance Evaluation
  • Incident Notification & Investigation
  • Corrective & Preventive Action
  • Audits
  • Management Review
  • Continual Improvement
  • A systematic approach to improvement towards a common set of HSE expectations
  • A framework for sharing and learning
  • More efficient HSE interface and working relationshi[ps, internally & externally
  • Improved measurements of HSE compliance and culture 


Occupational safety

Ensuring workplace safety is key in DIALOG. It is our policy to place the health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors as one of our top priorities.

As one of the leading service providers to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, we continue to adopt best practices in HSE aspects, in compliance with local and international standards and guidelines as well as requirements set by our clients.

We continuously strive to improve our HSE performance through the implementation of various DIALOG HSEMS programmes. We provide adequate and relevant training to ensure that people responsible for tasks involving significant safety hazards have the necessary training and skills. In addition, rigorous HSE inspections and audits are carried out at workshops and projects sites to ensure HSEMS programmes are effectively implemented.


Awards and Certificates



Recipients Achievements Awarding Company/Parties
Dialog Plant Services Sdn. Bhd. Best Contractor Of The Month (27 March 2019) TechnipFMC
Dialog Plant Services Sdn. Bhd. 3rd Milestone Achievement of 1,000,000 Man-hours Without Lost Time Injury (27 March 2019) TechnipFMC
Dialog Plant Services Sdn. Bhd. 2nd Milestone Achievement in Recognition of 500,000 Safe Man-hours Without Lost Time Injury (21 November 2018) TechnipFMC
Dialog Terminals Langsat (1) Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Langsat Terminal (One) Sdn. Bhd.) 2nd ASEAN OSHNET Excellence Award 2018 ASEAN OSHNET
Dialog Plant Services Sdn. Bhd. Mega Osh Tool Box (2 May 2018) Malaysian Society for Occupational, Safety and Health (“MSOSH”)
Dialog Plant Services Sdn. Bhd. Best HSE Performance – 2017 PETRONAS Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.
Dialog Plant Services Sdn. Bhd. Best HSE Performance (23 January 2017) PETRONAS Penapisan (Terengganu) Sdn. Bhd.
Dialog Fabricators Sdn. Bhd. RGT – 2 Terminal Project HSES Award (2 February 2017) Samsung C & T Sdn. Bhd.



Environment Protection

DIALOG recognises that climate change poses a significant longterm risk to the environment and the business – hence, the Group is committed to operating responsibly to ensure we minimise our impact to the environment, taking into consideration our energy usage, fresh water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, the protection of biodiversity and waste management.

DIALOG demonstrates and communicates its commitment to mitigating climate change through its HSE Policy, where we have stated that we will strive to :

  • protect the environment by prevention of pollution, reduce waste and minimise consumption of resources; and
  • seek to achieve our goals and objectives through the prevention or mitigation of adverse environmental impacts.


Crisis Management

DIALOG has in place a Crisis Management Plan (“CMP”) to ensure that the Group is able to effectively manage incidents or situations that are deemed to be a DIALOG Group Crisis. It defines the organisation, roles & responsibilities, facilities, drills, scenario planning and training required to effectively respond to the said crisis event. The CMP works in conjunction with our Emergency Response Plans (“ERP”) and Business Continuity Plans (“BCP”), with the ultimate objective of minimising the negative impact of such incidents and situations, on DIALOG’s stakeholders, and the Group’s long term sustainability and growth. The CMP, ERP and BCP are reviewed on an on-going basis to ensure its continued effectiveness for the Group.


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