Logistics Assets and Services – Tank Terminals  and Supply  Base

DIALOG has been in the logistics services business for decades. We design and build world class tank terminals and we also own and operate tank terminals that are specialised in the storage and handling of crude oils, chemicals, petrochemicals and petroleum products.

Some of our tank terminals operate on a centralised tankage facilities (CTF) concept where a host of storage facilities are made available within an enclosed area that allows for sharing of utilities such as compressed air, industrial gases, power distribution, waste treatment and many more including sharing of operation and maintenance services.

Pengerang Deepwater Terminals

The proposed 5 million m3 Pengerang Terminal is a tankage facility for handling, storing, blending and distribution of crude oils, petroleum and LNG products. It will also provide marine facilities capable of handling Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) with a water depth of up to 24 metres.

PDPT will be built on a 500-acre of reclaimed sea-bed land and the entire development will eventually support about 5 million m3 of storage capacity once it is fully operational.

Kertih Terminals

Kertih Terminals was the first CTF project in Malaysia that DIALOG embarked on. The facility consists of 42 petrochemical tanks with a storage capacity of 400,000 m3 and five berths for vessels.

The services offered are products blending, drumming, tank truck cleaning and loading, heating and nitrogen blanketing systems. Annually, the terminals handle a throughput of about 2.5 million tonnes.

Tanjung Langsat Terminal

Comprising two terminal facilities; Langsat Terminal One has a storage capacity of 476,000 m3 with capabilities to store and handle naphtha, gasolines, middle distillates, fuel oils and biodiesels as well as truck loading facility.

Langsat Terminal Two has a storage capacity of 171,000 m3 with capabilities to store and handle gasolines.

Jubail Supply Base

Jubail Supply Base is located within the Jubail Commercial Port. It serves as a one-stop offshore logistics hub and resource centre for oilfield services, equipment and supplies. Facilities include wharf for vessel berthing, tank storage for fresh water and bunker fuel, workshop, warehouse and open storage yard.