Plant Maintenance and Catalyst Handling Services


DIALOG Plant Service team provides a wide range of maintenance, shutdown, turnaround and specialist services for the refineries, petrochemical, gas and chemical plants.

We bring together decades of experience and expertise in executing routine maintenance, emergency repairs, shutdowns, turnarounds and plant revamp and rejuvenation projects. Our one-stop integrated maintenance services also include mechanical specialist services, cleaning and repair of storage tanks and the full range of catalyst handling services. DIALOG is committed to deliver professional and reliable service to our customers, meeting the highest standard in key performance indicators – HSE, Quality, Schedule and Costs. Our practice are in compliance to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

Plant Maintenance, Shutdowns and Turnarounds

The management team comprises of experienced TA Managers, TA planners, TA Coordinators, Lead schedulers, HSE Officers, QA/QC Manager, Logistics Coordinators and supported by full-time site execution personnel. Our flexible and multi-phases execution approach – from strategic planning and preparation, to execution and post-project review – provides our clients the assurance that staffing, scheduling, quality performance, sub-contracting, risk management and comprehensive cost control are well managed in a transparent manner.

DIALOG Intelligent Planning System (DIPS), an in-house web-based software, enhances the performance and efficiency of the various stages of shutdown and turnaround projects from planning, organizing, tracking, pre-turnaround, execution and post-turnaround.

Regardless of project size or complexity, we have comprehensive range and up-to-date equipment and tools ready for deployment from various strategically located workshops to project sites.


Bundle pulling using 45T bundle puller

Range of Services:

  • Cold and Hot works
  • Heat exchanger bundle pulling
  • High-pressure water jet Cleaning for Heat exchangers and air-fin coolers
  • Controlled bolting
  • Onsite flange facing
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Refractory repair and installation services


High pressure water jet cleaning with external auto blaster

Tank Cleaning and Repair

DIALOG Tank Maintenance team provides a one-stop solution to various tank management services which include:

Tank repair and Blasting & painting work

Sludge bug – sludge removal at 20Mt per hour

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of tank terminals;
  • Tank entry in hazardous environment
  • Extraction of Liquid & Sludge using “Sludge Bug” and vacuum system
  • Cleaning and Repair
  • Tank cleanup and repair services
  • Refurbishment, Replacement, On-site Blasting & Painting and Special Coating

Catalyst Handling Services

Equipped with proprietary technology that outperforms other handling systems, DIALOG catalyst handling specialists provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution for commissioning and maintaining catalytic reactors, vessels and columns.

Not only does our technology help our refinery, petrochemical and chemical clients avoid unnecessary downtime, it enhances safety by eliminating dust emissions, spills and under certain conditions inert entry.

In addition, our vacuum loading process can result in extremely low catalyst attrition rate, which extends catalyst lifespan and provides significant cost savings for our customers.


Preparation for Inert entry work

Catalyst unloading using “Closed-loop” dust-free vacuum system

DIALOG Catalyst Handling Services plays to our strengths, including proprietary catalyst handling technology, best practices, multi-range services and highly skilled and experience workforce. Dialog owns a full range of patented technology which includes “Closed-circuit, Closed-loop” systems, Ultra low attrition, “zero” dust emission & zero spillage hoppers.

Range of Catalyst Services

  • Onshore and offshore Catalyst Unloading/Loading services
  • Mercury removal catalysts
  • Space optimization and bulk handling with CAT-CANS
  • Catalyst online and offline screening
  • Tubular reactors/multi-tubular blowdown and dp testing
  • Cold box (perlite unloading/Loading)
  • Inert entry
  • Dense loading
  • Catalyst sampling and CCTV inspection

Vacuum loading of catalyst with self-feeder

2m³ Cat-cans™