Flare Gas Recovery System


Emtivac is an Australian owned engineering company with more than 20 years' experience in providing engineering design, manufacture and supply of: including inlet gas liquid separators and extraction pump systems, flare gas recovery compressor systems and process vacuum systems .

Its flare gas recovery packages are manufactured to API 681 standards.


Caltec Ltd UK, designs, develops and manufactures Production Enhancement System (PES) for oil and gas reserves.

The PES consists of a combination of jet pump, compact separator and commingler. The high energy of the high pressure sources is utilized to assist the production from low pressure sources, hence enhancing total production.

The PES is capable to increase production by 25% - 40%, extends oil & gas field life, deferred abandonment, enhanced asset N.P.V., and recovers flare gas to meet environmental regulation.

Its lightweight, simplicity and flexibility offer clients excellent benefits with no downside. The system is also available on rental basis.