DIALOG Supports MyKasih Programmes

To promote the sustainability of the business, DIALOG is committed to looking after the interests of its community, employees, environment and market place. The Group will continue to invest its time and resources in Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) as a business, and through the MyKasih programmes, expand the reach of its efforts in providing assistance to families and students of low income households.

MyKasih programme has been DIALOG’s leading activity for its CSR initiative. Administered with the use of cutting-edge technology, the programme further exhibits the Group’s commitment in putting in place a system to ensure integrity and accountability. The technology that was developed by ePetrol, a subsidiary of the Group, is based on payment industry standards and best practices, and has revolutionised the way welfare aid is distributed with the use of MyKad.

Its innovative and superior technology is able to account for all transactions under the MyKasih Programme. DIALOG as part of its continuous effort to expand its CSR scope, has commissioned the MyKasih Foundation with the technology to administer the MyKasih Programme and extend it to other corporate and individual donors wishing to support underprivileged communities.