Digital Technology & Solutions

Empowering Businesses Through Technology

Our Digital & Technology division provides essential support towards the IT and Digital Transformation capabilities of DIALOG. It spearheads the Group's Digital Transformation roadmap by developing and deploying modern digital technologies to modernise processes, improve efficiency, enforce better governance and controls, and increase productivity. These technologies include off-the-shelf as well as in-house built solutions that are adopted by DIALOG operations across the Group.

Digital Technology & Solutions
DIV Services Sdn. Bhd.

e-Money & Cashless Payments

DIV Services Sdn Bhd

Besides supporting the Group, the Digital & Technology division also provides solutions and services to DIV Services Sdn. Bhd. DIV Services offers e-money and cashless payment services to consumers in the welfare and education sectors, where consumers can utilise e-wallet accounts for payment of goods and services.