With the implementation of a group-wide digital procurement system, DIALOG seeks to provide an effective collaboration with our suppliers through improved communication and processing turnaround time, while reducing risks associated with sourcing and supplier management. All sourcing and management of suppliers for materials and services will be done using SAP Ariba.

User Guides (Malaysia)

User Guides (Singapore)


Where can I find the manuals / guides to use DIALOG's Digital Supplier Platform (powered by SAP Ariba)?

There are resources available for you to learn more about DIALOG's Digital Supplier Platform under the User Guide section.
Overview: Summary of our Digital Supplier Platform, including key functions and end-to-end value chain of SAP Ariba.
Registration, Sourcing & Collaboration User Guides: Step-by-step manuals on how to register, participate in sourcing events and collaborate online.

Who can I contact if I need further support/information?

If you are a supplier from Malaysia, you can contact DIALOG Supplier Enablement Team at

If you are a supplier from Singapore, you can contact the following DIALOG Supplier Enablement Team focal point directly:

  • Veronica, Ng Hwee Beng <>
  • Ong Hwee Chi, Jolrene <>
  • Vincent Wong <>
Is there a cost for transacting business on the SAP Ariba Network?

The SAP Ariba Standard (non-enterprise) account is a free account for you to use and collaborate with DIALOG.

  • SAP Ariba Standard Account provides basic functionality at no cost (free of charge).
  • SAP Ariba Enterprise Account provides increased functionality with a fee payable to SAP (chargeable). Supplier is responsible to review the T&C should they decide to upgrade. All costs incurred for the account upgrade shall be borne by Supplier.
What if I am not onboarded to DIALOG's Digital Supplier Platform?

If you are not onboarded to DIALOG's Digital Supplier Platform, you will NOT be able to transact with us without specific approval and may experience delays in our correspondences.

What should I do if I am receiving errors when logging in or if I am automatically logged out of Ariba?

To avoid receiving errors after logging in or being automatically logged out of Ariba, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Clear all cache and cookies in your browser.
  2. Reopen your browser window.
  3. Go to
  4. Enter your Ariba login credentials.
SAP Ariba Registration
I already have a SAP Ariba account with another client. Do I need to sign up for a new account with DIALOG?

You are not required to sign up for a new account. You may log in to your existing account and register as a Supplier with DIALOG. Please note that this is subject to DIALOG's invitation to register as a supplier in the DIALOG SAP Ariba platform.

Can we have multiple User IDs to log in to our SAP Ariba account?

For first-time registration, you will be required to register using a User ID that will be set as the administrator of your organisation. You can then add more user IDs to your organisation's SAP Ariba account.

Can basic information (e.g., name and/or email of the person in charge (PIC) be changed after registration?

Yes, you can update the details of the person in charge (PICs) after registration to SAP Ariba.

Why am I getting the ‘User ID already exists’ error message when creating an Ariba account?

This scenario occurs when the User ID you input currently exists / has already been used in Ariba. To troubleshoot this error, please input a different User ID. Kindly take note that the User ID is only used for logging in to your Ariba account – all email notifications will be sent to the email address that is registered to the Ariba account.

DIALOG SAP Ariba Platform Registration
During registration to DIALOG SAP Ariba platform, can I add more products/services in the list of commodities?

Yes, you can select multiple products/services from the list of commodities as per your organisation's offerings / capabilities.

Can I create an Ariba account and transact directly with DIALOG?

No, you will need to register your Ariba account with DIALOG via the registration link sent to your email.

What is a Bank Key / ABA Routing Number?

Bank Key/ABA Routing Number is equivalent to your bank’s SWIFT Code/BIC (i.e., Bank Key / ABA Routing Number = SWIFT Code = BIC). The format of the Bank Key/ABA Routing Number is ‘SWIFTCODEXXX’ (e.g., MBBEMYKLXXX for Malaysia Banking Berhad).

The Bank Key/ABA Routing Number is a mandatory field and is important for future payments.

Account Number should be in numeric characters without any special characters and additional currency information.

What is a Tax Number and how can I update it?

The Tax Number is your Business Registration Number. To update your Tax Number, select your relevant Country and fill in the subsequent field with your company’s Business Registration Number.

DIALOG Sourcing Events
How will we be notified when there is a new sourcing event from DIALOG?

The system will send an email notification to DIALOG-registered suppliers when a new event is published.

How will we be notified if there is a status change in the SAP Ariba RFQ / RFP event?

All task / progress status change(s) will be notified via email to your organisation's registered email address(s). You can also check for updates by logging in to SAP Ariba.

Where can I find the Registration Questionnaire, RFQs and Purchase Orders (POs)?

For the Registration Questionnaire and RFQs, please navigate to the 'Proposal & Questionnaire' tab. For PO-related information / activities, please navigate to the ‘Business Network’ tab. You may find both tabs at the top of your Ariba page.

What happens after I submit the Registration Questionnaire form?

DIALOG will review the information submitted. Please keep an eye out for the email notification(s) from DIALOG to confirm your registration or request for additional information.

Why am I unable to access a DIALOG-initiated RFP/RFQ on Ariba?

To access a DIALOG-initiated RFP / RFQ event, you will need to complete the Registration Questionnaire first.

SAP Ariba Online Collaboration
Are we able to edit line items after order confirmation?

No, you will not be able to edit line items after order confirmation. However, you can reconfirm your order following the same steps and the edited line items will be captured.

Should Ship Notice be created before or after delivery?

Ship Notice should be created before delivery.

What format should the invoice be attached as?

A full invoice with supplier’s letterhead, address and authorised signatory must be attached as PDF format.

What do I do if I am unable to receive Purchase Order (PO) notifications in my email?

A full invoice with supplier’s letterhead, address and authorised signatory must be attached as PDF format.

  1. Check your Junk / Spam folder or;
  2. Verify the accuracy of your email address in DIALOG’s records by contacting your designated DIALOG buyer / contract admin or;
  3. Contact your company’s IT/email administrator to allow emails from: