Digital Technology & Solutions


DIALOG Innovation Ventures (DIV) serves as the digital arm of the Group. It continues to develop and improve technologies and automation solutions to help modernise processes and improve the Group’s efficiency and productivity. These solutions include various software applications and tools for use across DIALOG’s operations in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

  • Asset Management Systems (AMS) – capturing and managing the Group’s assets
  • DIALOG Intelligent Planning Systems (DIPS) – tools used to manage Turnaround and Maintenance planning and execution
  • Welding Control Systems (WCS) – tools used for welding tracking works
  • Oil & Stock Information System (OASIS) – manages inventory of tank terminals
  • Corporate & Productivity Solutions – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Integrated Document Management System (iDocs), Facilities Management System (FMS) etc.

Besides supporting the Group, DIV also provides solutions and services in relation to e-money and cashless payments. Following Bank Negara Malaysia’s approval of DIV’s e-Money license in Oct 2016, DIV has expanded its e-money services to consumers in three market segments i.e. welfare, education and waste recycling, where consumers can activate an e-wallet account for payment of goods and services.