Health, Safety and Environment

DIALOG is committed to protecting the health and safety of the people we work with and driving the company towards a culture of environmental excellence.

In addition the company strives to avoid any harm to the environment from our operations. This critical, ongoing process includes:

  • Training programs for workers, supervisors, and managers
  • Well-defined procedures for work execution, for reporting and responding to any incidents and preventing their recurrence
  • Thorough auditing programs to make sure we comply with: relevant regulations, laws, codes, and standards; client requirements; and Dialog HSE Management System requirements
  • Measurable targets that allow us to continuously improve our health, safety, and environment performance
  • A safety-focused company culture with an emphasis on prevention
  • Open communication with all stakeholders to ensure full understanding of our HSE policies and expectations

Policy Statement for Health, Safety & Environment

DIALOG fully subscribes to the importance of constantly maintaining HSE consciousness at all organizational levels with the aim of creating and maintaining a safe working environment for everyone.