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On-going Development (Phase 3)

Phase 3 is currently being developed for the storing and handling of various types of petroleum and petrochemical products for potential users. The remaining land size is approximately 300 acres.

Upon completion, PDT3 will be a one-stop integrated terminal that offers Port and Marine Operations, Centralised Tankage Facilities including deep-water jetty facilities, integrated berth planning, cargo handling, interconnecting pipelines across PDT, multi-product storage, integrated infrastructure solutions, and shared third-party utilities and services.

PDT3 offers a ‘plug and play’ concept to our clients, facilitating easy set up for Concept of PDT3 i.e. served by a centralised tankfarm facilities (CTF), common Jetty 3 and inter-terminal connectivity.

Open to petrochemicals, renewable fuels, refined petroleum products, LPG, and LNG.

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