Our People

Our employees are by far our most important asset. They are critical to the sustainability of the Group’s business as their performance directly affects the outcome of our deliverables to our valued clients and stakeholders. As such, it is inherently important for us to manage our people effectively, and to build a workplace culture that attracts, rewards and retains talent.


Employee Management

With a rich diversity of people, cultures and business operations across 10 countries, DIALOG thrives by creating an environment that draws from a wealth of knowledge, experience and multiple perspectives.

To harness this strength, we ensure that our employees work together as ONE DIALOG, by sharing a common understanding of our corporate culture, leadership values and behaviours, and professional competencies required to achieve both individual and business goals.

Our corporate core values are key to achieving this balance. They send a clear message on our guiding principles of integrity and teamwork. They also reinforce our commitment to Integrity, HSE, Quality, Competency and Excellence. At DIALOG, we value diversity and actively promote the exchange of knowledge and experience to continually develop our global workforce.

Active and consistent expression of values and policies are communicated to our employees throughout their employment with us, via our Employee Induction Programme, staff engagement activities and other channels such as our intranet and newsletters. They are also clearly stated in our Employee Handbook that is available to all employees.

Local Hiring

In recognising that the Group plays a significant role in creating employment, we endeavour to hire locally in the countries where we operate. Local hiring and skills development can generate significant economic benefits for the communities near our operations and is a priority in DIALOG. This approach has been mutually beneficial: it builds our local talent pipeline and strengthens community and employee relations.


Promoting inclusiveness and diversity within our workplace fosters an open-minded company culture which is essential to our success. Opportunities are equally available to all qualified individuals in recruitment, career development, promotion, training and reward, regardless of their nationality, gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical ability. In our effort to achieve gender balance, we also encourage our female employees to actively plan their careers and take ownership of their development. This has resulted in a significant number of talented women rising to management and leadership positions in each of our business operations.

Conducive Workplace

At DIALOG, we also recognise the importance of maintaining a caring environment, as a conducive workplace will promote safety, health, and a sense of belonging for all employees. All of this helps in the retention of employees. Amongst some of the benefits we provide are:

  • Employees wellness facilities and activities such as a gym and sports activities including running, badminton, futsal and weekly yoga, dancing and Qigong classes organised by the Sports Club.
  • Health talks and Financial Planning talks are also held periodically
  • Competitive medical coverage and benefits.
  • A Staff Welfare Programme, since 2001, where we provide schooling assistance to lower income Malaysian employees
  • Academic Achievement Reward Programme aimed at rewarding the children of Malaysia based employees for their academic achievement. Its objective is to encourage learning and promote a culture of excellence in the ‘DIALOG Families’.The Academic Achievement Rewards Programme is a tradition that began more than ten years ago and has become a much anticipated event in DIALOG each year.


In addition to all of the above, we also acknowledge the importance of providing a safe and trusted channel for our employees to escalate issues and any wrongdoing such as bullying and harassment. As such, we have implemented a whistleblowing policy which accepts anonymous reports. For more details on our whistleblowing policy, please refer to www.dialogasia.com/whistleblowing-policy.