Upstream Assets & Ventures

Our primary focus is on two areas:-

  1. redeveloping and revitalising marginal and mature oil and gas fields and
  2. green field developments that can be tied back to existing hubs or infrastructure, thereby creating a platform for generating long-term revenue from incremental oil and gas production.

Our current portfolio includes a cluster of mature oil and gas fields located offshore Sarawak, East Malaysia and a series of onshore producing fields in Thailand.

We apply our expertise to sub-surface, project development, project execution and operations management disciplines to achieve superior performance from the projects we undertake.

We take a long-term view when making investment decisions and utilise our financial strength and experience to turn the plan into reality.

Most importantly, DIALOG’s petroleum engineers, geologists, geophysicists and field technicians make it a priority to maintain the highest standard of safe and compliant operations, incorporating best practices from around the globe and continually improving our processes.

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